Woodworking Open Mini-Shop

Woodworking Open Mini Shop

By popular demand, we’re offering a couple of extra sessions of Open Shop class. Finish a project, take advantage of our tools and expert advice. Sign up for one session or more.

This offering is an extension or add-on to Woodworking Open Shop, as students often finish spring semester with just a little extra work to do on their projects. It is run as an open workshop, in which students design and construct projects of their choice. Expert instructors provide individual guidance on design, joinery, construction and finishing, based on individual student needs, and students draw upon each other’s expertise.

Note: Projects must be kept to a manageable size. Beds, large tables, shelving units and the like put too severe a drain on our limited storage space. Students compelled to make large projects must speak first with an instructor and obtain permission. Our most common solution to these challenges is to ask students to work on parts in Woodworking Open Shop, then assemble larger elements and the final piece through private lessons, outside of regular class time, at a cost of $65/hour. Please inquire for details.

Course Number


Class Size


Age Range


Skill Level



At least one term of Woodworking Open Shop or instructor’s permission.


Students supply their own materials.

Instructor, Schedule, and Cost

Section 1M: Sat, July 12, 9am- 12pm - CLOSED
Section 2M: Sat, July 12, 12pm- 3pm - CLOSED

Section 3M: Sat, July 19, 9am- 12pm - CLOSED
Section 4M: Sat, July 19, 12pm- 3pm - CLOSED

Section 5M: Sat, July 26, 9am- 12pm - CLOSED
Section 6M: Sat, July 26, 12pm- 3pm - CANCELLED

Section 7M: Sat, Aug 9, 9am- 12pm - FULL
Section 8M: Sat, Aug 9, 12pm- 3pm - OPEN

Section 9M: Sat, Aug 16, 9am - 12pm - OPEN
Section 10M: Sat, Aug 16, 12pm- 3pm - OPEN

Cost per section: $40
Instructor: Frank Pettorossi, Jennifer Stephens, Jac Van Loon