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Oaxacan Woodcarving 1F19

Oaxacan woodcarving is renowned for its charming, animated, colorfully painted animals. Learn basic tools and techniques of this folk-art form, passed down through generations, from master carvers Ventura Fabian and his son, Norberto, who live and work in the woodcarving village of San Martín Tilcajete, Mexico. Using soft copal wood (provided in class), carve a simple figure (armadillo, hummingbird, fish, turtle or bee). Then paint either your own creation or a small, unpainted piece carved by the instructors. See examples at thedancingchickens.com. Note: The Fabians will exhibit and sell their carvings immediately following class, from 5–6pm.

The instructor for this class will be announced soon.
Materials & Tools:

$10 payable in class